Chat Recording #01: “I Don’t want the rollercoster of emotion…” | Listening to Strangers on Blahtherapy



~This video is of me, conversing as a listener with a person who chose to vent about something. On, you can either choose to ‘vent’ to an anonymous stranger, or you could ‘listen’ to an anonymous stranger who wants to vent about something.
I always listen and I come across some really interesting and intriguing stories, and I get the privilege to have really nice conversations with random strangers. You have people telling you things that they have never told anyone before, some people in these type of conversations uncensor themselves and remove their social restrains while talking to you because they are talking to random strangers who they will never see or hear. Some people who have so called ‘unrealistic dreams’, share their dreams here exclusively, because they believe if they share about it with their fellow peers, they would be belittled. You get to hear/read about some really interesting problems that people have that you could never even imagine! (literally!)
The best thing I believe is that, some people share their life story and dreams here that they never tell anyone else! I’m a random stranger and I feel blessed being that exclusive person, who got to read about something no one else would perhaps ever know. That exact ‘exclusivity’ is what urged me to record these conversations as I go through them.
So since I find these conversations really valuable, I felt the need to record these and upload them for others to see as well. So I hope you could value these (or at-least some of them) as I do. Thank you
My greatest and sincere Gratitude towards Ms. Claire, who told me about this awesome platform of a site.
You can grab a read at her refreshing writings in her blog!

You can reach me on blahtherapy if you would like.…


Listner : Myself (Salik Hussain at your service!)
My Username: Obtainable Kiss (Usernames are randomly generated XD and they are really awkward and funny sometimes.)

Venter : Anonymous
Their Username: Pro-active Wing

Chat Conversation Length: about 1 hour
End Status: Completed (its either ‘disconnected’ in between, or ‘completed’.)

Chat Summary: (or Overview)
The awesome venter on the other side of the screen started by talking about her friend who got a bit distant from her after getting a boyfriend (bf). Being annoyed by some of the changes that occurred in her friend, she vents about it a little going into some details. An over-all interesting conversation.

In the end, I was able to ask her to say something that she believes is valuable to all of us (as people). And in reply to that she put forward an intiguing Question
“I guess my question is what is the true measure of the human heart? Is it how we act in public or behind closed doors?”
So! I would super love to read your thoughts on trying to deduce this puzzle of a question. So share your thoughts in the comments! go on… why are you reading this? O_O stop… go into the comment section and answer the question now… stop reading … just go!
Why are you still here reading this? I said “Stop!” comment section is down there folks! vvvvv take the hint, i’m suggesting you to comment so go comment already!

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