What are Mindsets and Why You Should Care | The Mental Codex Series Intro #00


TimeStamp | Topic
00:00 | Know How Intro
00:26 | Series Intro (in a nutshell)
00:49 | “What do I mean by mindsets exactly?”
01:05 | The function of mindset
01:13 | Why should you care about the concept of mindsets?
01:56 | How would this series be valuable? (Reason #1)
02:07 | How would this series be valuable? (Reason #2)
02:31 | Predicting behaviour from the know-how of mindsets…
03:36 | Mindset-behaviour, a two way path.
03:59 | How to maximize the benefit from this series?
04:14 | Model of discussion.
04:47 | Why did I name this series ‘Mental Codex’?
05:20 | Video Outro

——–Post-Video Description:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

So! in this video we discussed about mindsets, what they are and how they can be valuable to us.
Mindsets being the principles or beliefs or world view that we keep in the back of our mind. At any given moment, a sea of information is being input into our brain whilst an ocean worth of is being processed in the unconscious faculties of our mind. With such a galactic scale of information around us and within us, our mindset filters most of it and only provides our conscious faculties, the information and thought that are meaningful to us.
Exactly what information is meaningful to us? That! is decided by the mindsets we keep.
Mindsets are like gates, that allow only a certain genre of thoughts to pass through them and reach our conscious faculties. The rest are filtered out.
(i’m refraining from giving an example as i’m not getting any justifiable short ones in my head right now…)
Hence you would comprehend this more as you watch more episodes of this series (once I make some O_O )…

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~The Following is the transcript of this video.

——–[Transcript Start]

“Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.”

In the course of this series, we would be discussing about some essential and core ‘mindsets’. We would be discussing the type of mindsets that if we integrate into our character, would allow us, to live a more prosperous and success oriented lifestyle.
Mindsets that would allow us to flourish in different areas of life, like social, personal, career-wise, our growth and simply-put, it would boost our over-all functioning as a human being.
Hey but… what do I mean by mindsets exactly?Your mindsets are the principles by which you ‘think’. They are the foundational principles by which you focus on a specific genre of thoughts while dismissing the others, they are what I like to call, mental codices.If you change your mindset, you change the principles by which you think, which allows you to completely shift your thinking pattern.Now why is this series so important? or why should you, I or anybody else, focus on learning about this or why should we invest our time on developing our mindsets?
Well its quite simple actually. Just get the equation.
Your mindsets are the foundation of your thoughts, your thoughts allow you to feel a certain way.
Then those feeling drive you to action.
Then those actions create your habits.
And it is those habits, that make or break you. It is those habits, that make you poor or wealthy. It is those habits, that keep you happy or devour you in depression.I repeat, mindsets develop your thoughts, your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings & emotions drive you to action. Then those actions create your habits. And your habits decide your over-all quality of life.So if you desire to better the quality of your life, or you wish to change your habits, your feelings or your thoughts… then the content of this series, might be super valuable to you.
If none of the mentioned reasons appeal to you, I still assure you that you would find this series very interesting… because I would be doing my best to share with you the whole process, of how as a human, when you change your mindset,
how that simple change affects your thoughts, then that mental shift affecs your feelings, that in-end affects your actions, that end up creating your habits… and then those habits define your character and over-all quality of life.This process of how a mindset converts into actions and habits, is really interesting, because it allows you to predict and evaluate the behaviour of other people on the basis of their mindset.
if you know what seed is planted in the ground in front of you, you can predict what fruit it will reap when it grows, right? Similarly, if you know the roots of a person’s thought patterns (which is the mindset), then you can predict their behaviour from it.
This would allow you to better understand others, and would result in you being able to better interact with them.
If you could predict how a certain person would act or react in a situation, you can manipulate the situation to get the desired reaction. makes sense?
So for anyone who is willing to help others or is just willing to improve their social life, then understanding of how mindsets converts into behaviour can be a super valuable tool.
Not only will it be easy for you to predict the behaviour of others, but it would also help you predict your own behaviour.
If you can properly predict your own behaviour based on your current mindsets, then you can be in a position to better manage your own mindsets, disposing the destructive mindsets while keeping the constructive ones.
I hope all of this makes sense.It is a key thing to note that, just as mindsets can result into a change of behaviour. Changing behaviour can also result in a change of mindset. Its a two-way path, it goes both ways. Changing your posture of how you sit, how you walk, how wide your eyes are open, whether you have a soft smile on your face or not, all that ‘behaviour’ can result in you feeling more confident, it can result in you having a mindset of a confident person. So to maximize the benefit of this series, if you desire to integrate a mindset into your character, not only do you have to affirm yourself that you accept it, but it would be much better if you start acting as if its already integrated.
I hope this makes sense.So as mentioned, in this series we will be looking into different mindsets,
in the discussion of each mindset, we will look into how that specific mindset, would influence our thinking pattern,
then we will look into what kind of feelings would those thoughts generate in us,
then those feelings and emotions would urge us to act a certain way, we would discuss what those actions would likely be,
and lastly those actions will create habits, and those habits will over-all change and hopefully better the quality of our lives.So this would be our model of discussion.
From discussing about the mindsets, to what actions and lifestyle changes be of consequence from all that.I named this series ‘mental codex’ because… firstly, that’s literally what this series is about.
‘Mental’ means related to the mind, related to mentality and codex means codes or principles.
This series is about discussing the principles which form our mental thought patterns.
And secondly, I think the phrase ‘mental codex’ sounds super-unique and awesome!If you have any specific mindset that you believe would be valuable for others to integrate in their thought pattern. Then please do mention it in the comments. It would be a super nice opportunity for me & other people to learn from your experiences.With that let us bring this series intro to an end. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do feel welcome to vocally poop it out in the comments.
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Well… thank you super duper much for watching and see you awesome folks in another video!

——–[Transcript Ends]

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