Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Know How to be a Great Minded Person Unlimited Quote Works #01 KnowHow

Know How to be a Great Minded Individual | Interpreting the Popular Quote “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” | Unlimited Quote Works #01 | #KnowHow




TimeStamp | Topic
00:00 | Know How Intro
00:25 | Addressing a common misinterpretation
01:48 | Starting with My Interpretation of the quote.
02:04 | Addressing “Small minds discuss people.”
02:15 | What is ‘gossip’ exactly?
02:51 | Types of gossip.
04:30 | How to stop gossiping & start discussing ideas.
05:07 | Discussing “Average minds discuss events;”
05:13 | What are ‘events’?
06:17 | Discussing “Great Minds Discuss Ideas;”
06:21 | What is an ‘idea’?…
08:04 | A simple way on how to become Great Minded… (Conclusion)
08:38 | Video Outro


——–Post-Video Description:

Now, in the video I shared that, if we want to become great minded. Then we simply stop gossiping about people and start exposing ourselves to great minded people, their literature, their lectures, their seminars and actual people if possible.
Our environment plays a massive role in shaping us. But let us clear up what ‘environment’ here is, is it the company we keep? The people we hang out with? Not necessarily…

To keep it simple, your environment, is what you see, and what you hear.
For most people, their environment is the people around them. Their family or the people they hang out with.
For me, it was a bit different. A while ago I isolated myself in my room and didn’t interact with people much. In that period of several months, as a hobby I would watch lectures on youtube, and hear and see successful people talking and debating and sharing their ideas.
Now remember, our environment, is what we see and what we hear. My environment was what I saw on my computer screen.
Everyday, I saw people, in powerful and authoritative clothing, like suits. I saw them creating a professional aura around themselves, standing up straight and confidently addressing their audience.
Everyday, I would hear people questioning things, I would hear them sharing their learning with me, I would hear them debating with one another, I would hear them critically analyzing things, I would hear them sharing their innovative ideas.
When I went out of the isolation, and started interacting with people again. I started dressing powerfully like the people I saw, I suddenly developed the confidence to speak to people and to be a positive influence to them. I even started thinking like the people I kept hearing, I forgot how to gossip and all I could speak about were lengthy philosophical ideas and opinions I learned about and thought of. I started critically analyzing and questioning things people told me, and I would engage in productive discussion and debate with every person I came across. I would learn from their experiences and they would value me for doing that.
I would share my learnings with my classmates and they would always stick around me because my words gave them confidence and benefitted them.
Over-all, what I want to conclude here is that, a lot of the qualities I have today, were transferred to me through my environment.
So open yourself by quitting and dissociating from people and environment that is making you small minded. And then expose yourself (environmentally) to great minded people. That is how you will become ‘great minded’ yourself! Makes sense?

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~The Following is the transcript of this video.

——–[Transcript Start]

“Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.”

Before making this video I researched about this quote and had the opportunity to read the interpretation of many individuals about it which was really fascinating.
So in the light of that, let me begin by addressing a perspective that some people may hold about this quote that I find a bit pessimistic.
Now some people held the opinion that this quote was poorly worded and it suggests labeling of people as smaller minded based on their topic of discussion.
Now that is one interpretation, but another can be that this quote is not telling us to label people, but rather it is telling us how! what we discuss about, impacts our mind.

In all essence, this quote suggests that when we discuss about people, the level of intellectual thought that is required to do that is extremely small and petty.
it suggests that when we discuss about events, our intellectual thought process levels an average person walking on the face of the Earth.
And finally this quote suggests that that when we discuss ideas and perspectives, the in-depth thinking and intellectual thought that we practice in the process, actually builds our mind to its ultimate greatness.

So in my personal interpretation, this quote is not suggesting us to label people, but rather it is informing us how a certain thing we do can affect us and our mental potential.

Now since that part is addressed, so let’s dive into the full-scale mega-interpretation of this popular quote!
We will extract wisdom from this quote by dividing it into naturally 3 parts and then individually discussing them one by one, and lastly forming a conclusion in the end,
So let’s start by tackling the first of the division,
“Small minds discuss people!”

Now when the majority of individuals discuss about ‘people’, what do kind of things do you suppose they talk about exactly? Well they gossip,
what is gossip exactly? in my native language which is Urdu. The translation for ‘gossip’ is ‘gheebut’. And gheebut means that you say something, about someone in their absence, that they would dislike in their presence.
for-example, let’s imagine that in a distant land far far away, i’m with Alexander and we are talking about ‘Sigma’, we talk and talk and then our talk ends. (like all do) If hypothetically, sigma was there and he didn’t like what we discussed about him behind his back, then my discussion with Alexander comes into the category of gossip. I hope that makes sense,
Now if we take this type of definition for gossip, then gossip has a very wide variety of types that may be very shocking to some people,
let me be more specific,
when you criticize someone behind their back or in their absence, that is gossip.
if you say bad things about someone behind their back, that is gossip.
If you disclose personal or sensitive information about someone behind their back, that is gossip.
if you promote rumours associated with a person behind their back, that is also gossip,
If you have a problem with another person and you discuss about it with a third person, that is also gossip. If I have a problem with Sigma and I talk about that problem with Alexander while mentioning that its sigma who I have a problem with, than that also usually comes into the category of gossip.

I have seen gossip create chaotic conflicts, and I would say its a core of many corruptions in society today. But gossip is not the primary topic for this video so I shall end this really quick.

Discussing about people doesn’t require much in-depth thought, and all the deductions are apparent, shallow and highly subjective. These type of people take a pixel and talk as if they have all the picture. Which renders these types of discussions quite useless and meaningless as well…

Now unless we understand what gossip is and it’s affects, we unconsciously end up doing it sometimes, so that’s understandable….I shall do my best to cover this topic extensively later on, but if all you do is gossip, if literally all you do is talk about people and gossip, then i’m afraid you are destroying your intellect my friend. Not only that, but your words may also be giving rise to much unwanted chaos. Some buzzers should be firing off in your brain alarming you because this is a very critical and mindless state you could be in buddy.

The quickest and easiest way to change this habit, is to simply stay away from people who talk about this type of things. Avoid them and then sit with nerdy, techy or knowledgeable people, if you can’t find any. Better be alone then in a bad company. And take that opportunity, to surf around youtube and randomly listen to lectures and seminars and listen to successful people. Endless videos are available, When you keep listening to them everyday for a while, you would start thinking like them and talking like them.
Then if you sit with your gossipy friends, you would feel very uncomfortable talking with them about people, because an evolved mind just doesn’t like downgrades.

Let’s move onto the next division lassies;
“Average minds discuss events”
Discussing about events refer to discussing literally about on-going trendy topics, news, movies and factual statements.
For-example talking about how hot the weather is, or discussing about the new movie that has just released, or talking about daily political rhetoric in the news, or talking about some trendy topic going on in twitter, or discussing about how many people died in a recent false-fla- I mean terrorist attack, and so forth…
This particular division doesn’t require much explanation I presume.

Discussing these things can be considered ‘average’ or ‘normal’. Discussing events is not harmful in anyway as discussing about people is, nor is it beneficial as discussing ideas. Its just that, people who discuss events don’t affect the world much. But still a far better position then discussing about people and senselessly gossiping.
So if you are in this division of people, congratulations! you are not contributing to the destruction of mankind nor to it’s development, cheers for you!
If you want to get out of this 2nd division and into the third, you simply stop watching the news and you start hanging around and start listening to people from the third division.

Let us cheer our way to the third division now,
“Great minds discuss ideas.”

An idea, is basically a thought or a collection of thoughts. It is at the heart of every action a person commits, and also at the core of every event that occurs. To look at the possibilities of what those ideas could be, to look at the heart and core of the matters in front of you in different perspectives. To discus such type of things often enough, makes a person great. Because these type of discussions, lead to curiosity and questioning and discoveries and in depth analysis which requires a great amount of mental effort. That mental effort exercises our minds to unlock more of its potential.
An average person may say some fact while walking with his friend like “Man! it is hot today!”
But a great person would think and say, “why is it hot today? Why do I feel hot? (not in the sexual sense) Why don’t I feel cold? What does it mean to actually feel hot? Can we somehow change this so that it can be cold today? Can we humans manipulate or control the weather around us?”
it is these type of questioning, thoughts and ideas that lead to inventions like the A/C and air cooling systems, and other weather and temperature manipulating technologies.
Just this example shows that, ideas although depend upon events and people, but they lead to change and innovation.
The best example I can give you awesome folks relating to discussing ideas, is this very video you have been so patiently listening to. This whole video is me having one-sided discussion with you about my ideas regarding a quoted sentence.
As I believe, in the heart of this video, neither did I gossip or talk about a specific individual, neither did I talk about any events. I talked about an idea behind a quotation and from that, I shared an afterthought, of how we can bring about a better change in ourselves, by becoming ‘great minded’ individuals in the light of the quoted statement.

Now in the end, I would just like to repeat that if you want to become great minded, a simple way is that you dissociate yourself from people who gossip, and start reading material written by great minded people OR! you start watching and listening to lot of lectures by great minded individuals. You can find endless amount of those on youtube. When you continuously expose yourself with great minded people, when you keep listening to them and seeing them, you would start thinking and speaking and acting like them.
Once your train of thought and personality is shaped to its greatness, then you can sit in any sort of gathering and be a positive influence to others.

Well… although more wisdom can be brought to light in this discussion, but I hope this forms a foundation for you to discover more on your own.
With this let us wrap up this video in. I hope everything made sense.
Be sure to read the description below this video, since I type it after making the video, I usually end up writing unique content which is worth a read.

If you have any quote in your mind you would want my interpretation on, leave it in the comments and I shall look into making a video on it. And that will also give me some hope that there is someone besides me watching whole of this video! that would be awesome!

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Well, thank you very very much watching, and see you later awesome folks!

——–[Transcript Ends]


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