What is ‘Sleep’? | The Sleep Hack Series #02 | Understanding Brain Frequencies and the Reality of Sleep-State | #KnowHow



TimeStamp | Topic
00:00 | Know How Intro (Quote of the Video: “Sleep is the best meditation.”)
00:25 | Topic Introduction
01:21 | Brain Frequencies
01:41 | Delta Brain-State
01:57 | Theta Brain-State
02:17 | Alpha Brain-State
03:15 | Beta Brain-State
03:45 | Establishing a Ground Reality of What Sleep is.
04:34 | Relationship between Stress & Sleep.
05:04 | Tackling Stress for a Better Quality Sleep…
06:31 | Conclusion : What have we learnt in this video?
07:09 | Video Outro



——–Post-Video Description:

In this video we discussed about brain frequency and came to the conclusion that sleep in a primary sense, is simply an extremely relaxed state of the brain. So let me make this description a ‘post-video description’ and hence forth, let’s discuss some stuff beyond the material I was able to present in the video.
So we came to the conclusion that sleep in a sense is a pinnacle of relaxation, but what characteristics does that induce in it and make sleep so special?….
For that it would be better if we understand the affects of relaxation/relaxed-state on a small scale, and then we could simply magnify the effects to fit to the extreme (i.e sleep).
Now I briefly talked about the affects of stress-state and it’s counterpart relaxed state on the body in a previous video,
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQoCt…
But incase you haven’t watched it, when the body is relaxed, its repair mechanism boost up and the body starts maintaining itself, it starts taking care of its growth, and boosts its protection from viruses and diseases and hence forth. More so, our body becomes more sensitive (whilst critical) to information and is able to adapt more fluidly and prosperously to its environment, hence over-all evolving and developing faster.
Where as stress-state undermines all that and depending on the level of stress, our body starts to deteriorate on a cellular level.
Now if we extremi-fy the affects of a relaxed state to its peak-state, i.e the ‘Sleep-State’. We come to a simple understanding that sleep is a mechanism by which our body repairs, maintains and manages itself so it can function properly and prosperously.
The following really interesting ted-talk talks about how the brain accelerates in cleansing the waste around it in sleep. A must watch,
~I think I shall end this post-video description here with a few questions for you delve upon,
Q1) If sleep is indeed a repair mechanism for our body, can we make the repair go faster? So that we need lesser sleep.
Q2) From 0 Hertz to 40 Hertz, the lower frequency means the brain is relaxed where as the higher frequency range refers to a lot of energy being consumed by the brain. But if the brain reaches exactly 0 Hertz then the person dies… so what is the relation between dying, being so close to the state of peak relaxation? Is ‘death’ itself perhaps the ultimate peace beyond peace? (this is just for philosophical curiosity, and definitely not a question for depressed people XD)

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~The Following is the transcript of this video.

——–[Transcript Start]

Now in this series our primary focus and discussion would be ‘sleep’, so it is understandably necessary that before we move on to hack our sleep, it would be best if establish a grounded understanding of what ‘sleep’ actually is in the first place…
That is going to be our goal in this video, to come to an understanding of the reality of sleep.
and so If we want to do that, if we want better understand the reality of Sleep state and what it really is, then in my knowledge, properly comprehending the concept of Brain Frequency is fundamental.

Now before we move on to discuss what brain frequencies are, I just want to let you know that I’m going to tweak this concept a bit so that it becomes easier to understand, but when you look it up on google through various articles and other videos, it will be explained very differently, Alright? makes sense?

Let’s start!
So our brain operates on different frequencies and depending on which range of frequency it is operating upon, our mental state changes.
Now depending upon the range of frequencies, we have five general brain-states, I’m only going to be discussing four of them because four are enough for us to cover this topic.

The first brain-state is called the ‘Delta Brain-State’ which ranges from about Zero frequency per cycle to four frequency per cycle or from Zero Hertz to four Hertz.
In this range, we are in a deep state of slumber. We are sleeping deeply.

Next we have the ‘Theta Brain-State’ which ranges from Four Hertz to Eight Hertz,
In this state we are either dreaming in our sleep or we are so mentally disengaged from our surroundings that we have started daydreaming. In this state your imagination explodes and ideas are flowing through your mind waiting to be pondered upon.

on number three, we have the ‘Alpha Brain-State’ which ranges from about Eight Hertz to Twelve Hertz,
In this brain state your body is very relaxed but your mind relatively active, this allows you to have a much better concentration. And with better concentration it becomes easier for you to process and learn something, that is why this state is all called ‘the accelerated learning state’.
According to my personal experience your concentration and your mental processing unit becomes so high in this state that you can feel as if time is going slower. You may feel like 20 minutes have passed but in reality, only 10 minutes would have passed. (how epic is that!)
And We can use psychological techniques to move into the alpha state, many students are taught this actually. Hopefully in a future video I will get to share with you the how of it,
Anyways, What I wanted to clear out here is that these brain-states are fluid, we can easily move into and out of any of these states if we know how to.

on number four we have the ‘Beta Brain-State’ which ranges from 12 Hertz to about 40 Hertz, now this is relatively a very large range hence beta brain-state is divided into 3 more states, namely low-beta, beta and high beta. All you need to know about beta-brain state is that when we are normally wide-awake, walking and talking and functioning in our daily routinely life, we are in beta.
And We move into high beta brain-state when we are either excited or really really stressed.
Now considering what we have just learned about brain frequencies, let us get back to the topic of the video and work towards developing a better understanding of sleep itself…
As you look at these brain-states and their respective frequencies, I want you to note here that the higher the brain frequency gets, the more energetic we feel. The lower the brain frequency gets the more relaxed we become. The lowest level of the frequency chart is the delta state in which we are in deep sleep, which means that sleep is the peak of relaxation.
That is what I wanted to conclude, that “Sleep is nothing, but a really relaxed state of the brain”. That is all it is.
I’m going to repeat because this is very important, “Sleep is nothing, but a really relaxed state of the brain.”

If you are really stressed or you are operating on the higher end of the brain frequency spectrum, it will be extremely hard for you to properly sleep because the delta state is very far away from the high beta brain-state you are in.

This is why people who are depressed or chronically stressed in their lives have a harder time falling asleep. Their brain-state is just too far from the sleep state. And if you have a disturbed or improper sleep, then stress can be a major factor. You may have trouble relaxing yourself.
So to tackle this, we need to be well equipped on how we can properly deal with stress and how we can stay relaxed 24/7. Now that’s not possible in the scope of this series because dealing with stress is an extensive topic on its on. That is why there is a separate series I’m working on called ‘The Ataraxia Series’. So for practical suggestions on how you can better deal with stress and how you can stay more relaxed throughout your day, be sure to check that series out. You can click the ‘i’ on the top-right of this video and that will guide you to the Ataraxia Series Playlist.

And excluding my series, you can find tons of other videos on youtube that will help you with this.

Now if there is anything I can briefly add to this video, it would be that right before you are about to go to bed, be sure to do Wudu. I taught wudu in the second video of the Ataraxia Series. Wudu will stimulate your pressure points and immediately relax you, which may make it easier for you to fall asleep. For some I have heard it works wonders so be sure to try it out
Another thing I can briefly add is that, when you are about to go to bed, if you are having thoughts of people mistakenly or deliberately hurting you, then affirming in your heart that you sincerely forgive them and that you hold no grudge against them, can flood the stress away in an instant. It is a common saying among spiritual fellows that “Forgiveness is the key to spirituality”. So be sure to try this out as well, it could be they key to your blissful sleep.
So with this let’s bring our video to its expected conclusion,
So what did we discuss in this video?
1) We discussed about different brain frequencies, like delta, theta, alpha and beta brain states.
& from that discussion we understood that..
2) Sleep is just a really relaxed state of the brain.
and from understanding that simple point,
3) we came to an understanding of how important it is, that in order for us to have a healthy sleep, we need to be well equipped with the tools & practices that would relax us.
.and then I just briefly added about wudu and forgiveness and how they can potentially relax a lot of people to a very significant degree.
So with this let us wrap up this video,
let me remind you to read the description below, I mostly put unique content there worth a read…

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Well, thank you very very much watching, and see you later awesome folks!

——–[Transcript Ends]


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