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The ‘Unlimited Quote Works’ Series – Extracting Practical Wisdom from Popular Quotes

So I just randomly fixed this video up as a teaser for another series I have planned for.
In this description I shall be giving an intro about this series and a bit about what’s to come. So let’s start!

In each episode of this series I will be picking up a popular quote and then from it, I will try to squeeze out as much ‘positive’ information and wisdom as I can, and not only that but the focus of these discussions would be that we get to learn some stuff that will have a practical impact on our day to day life.
So these episodes will not only have my interpretation of those quotes, but! they will also have some practical instructions and examples on the implications of the quote.
If we are discussing the popular quote,
“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
then we will be discussing the ‘how’! about how the genius type mentioned here converse, we will discuss with practical examples how the average discuss events and how the small minds talk about people and how those discussions go, so that it is clear to us what actions we have to take to become a ‘genius’ according to this quote.
Makes sense?

Another example,
“Those who do not know true pain can never understand true peace”
In this quote we can discuss about why it’s necessary to consciously go through pain in order to live a peaceful life. Without the concept of ‘pain’, ‘peace’ does not exist.
and so on…

Now as we go along with this series, there are some things you need to know beforehand,
In each episode, a new Quote would be our focus of discussion BUT! I most likely won’t attribute the quote to anyone (i.e I won’t be sharing who said the quote in the first place)
This is because of the following two reasons,
1) Our focus is the arguments and suggestion presented in the quote, sometimes we tend to miss the argumnt because of the person who said it. So to avoid that, I won’t attribute the quote to anyone.
2) A lot of quotes these days have issues with their authenticity with regards to attribution. For example, Einstein has been attributed to have said a lot of things which we can’t authenticate if he really said them or not. So to avoid ‘falsely attributing’ a quote. I will not be attributing it to anyone!
In rare cases, I may attribute the quotes. But only rarely.

Another thing I would like to clear up is that the purpose of this series is for us to extract as much positive and practical info we can from these quotes, so in the process of that some quotes presented in this series may sound ‘disturbing’ at first. But I believe even they carry positive meaning or unique perspective that we can benefit from. So we would still be discussing them in the light of our purpose and I would you to be open to that.

Let me know if you have any suggestion for a quote you would like my interpretation on or any question or comment whatsoever. Always welcomed and I highly appreciate it.
Thank you.

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