Ataraxia 09 Deciphering the purpose of stress

Deciphering the Purpose of Everyday Stress | The Ataraxia Series 09 | What is the purpose of everyday Stress? Why does it exist? | #KnowHow


Time | Topic
00:00 Know How Intro
00:25 Topic Introduction
01:25 What is the purpose of everyday stress?
02:23 Example 1 (Physical Stress)
03:27 Example 2 (Anxiety – specifically, exam anxiety)
04:50 Some more quick general examples.
05:32 How to more easily decipher/understand the messages from stress.
06:27 Why should we work towards eliminating stress?
07:41 Conclusion | What have we learnt in this video?
08:21 Video Outro



In a psychological sense, the concept of ‘good’ cannot exist without the concept of ‘evil’. Similarly, the concept of ‘Ataraxia’ or ‘Relaxation’ cannot exist without the concept of ‘stress’ or ‘pain’. Stress can be considered as the absence of relaxation or relaxation can be considered as an absence of stress, but either way… both concepts are dependent on one another and cannot exist without the other.
Hence anything we learn about one or the other, gives us a perspective on both.
The take-away from this that I want you to have is that by better understanding and analyzing ‘stress’, we can be more closer to living a more ‘relaxed’ life-style. Makes sense?

Consider stress like an internal software, programmed into humans to help us live our life to our maximum potential. This software alarms us whenever our practices deviate from a path of prosperity, this alarm forces us to focus on certain aspects of our life that critically require some of our conscious update.
The focus of this software is to keep us in a relaxed state, by better understanding why the stress is there and by recognizing its purpose, we can go about living a more relaxed lifestyle.
Normally people think that the purpose of stress is to keep us ‘surviving’. But I don’t agree with that, my point of view is that it’s purpose is to keep us in a state of a peace, in which we would not only be surviving, but surviving with a very peaceful state of mind… So how did I came to that conclusion? Simple, let’s look into it with a simple example. If you were given a gun with only two choices… you could either shoot and kill every single person you love, like your spouse, kids, friends and family,… OR! you could shoot yourself.
If those were the only choices you had, most would choose to shoot themselves. Because we would rather live in a peaceful state of mind then survive with agony of taking the lives of our loved ones (and then probably be locked up in jail).
Similarly, stress doesn’t increase survival rate (except in a few circumstances) because long-term unattended stress (or depression) leads to suicidal thoughts. If stress existed to increase survival, it shouldn’t cause that. Individuals who have suicidal thoughts consider that they can be more at peace in death, then while living. This is the justification given for suicide.

With all of this jargon I would just like to sincerely conclude to you that ‘relaxation’ can only exist if the concept of ‘stress’ exists. Stress is there to let you know about when you are ‘not relaxed’ so you can go back to the ‘relaxed state’. (I hope all of this makes sense.)


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The Ataraxia Series is a series with it’s core purpose to educate individuals on how they can better cope with stress to the point that they can live their 24 hour daily lifestyle in the state of complete mental relaxation.

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Both go hand in hand. Increasing sleep ‘quality’ to the point that ‘quantity’ decreases.



In life-threatening situations like the one in which ferocious doggies are chasing you or you are about to be slaughtered for cannibalism, stress shifts us into the flight or fight mode which helps us to better handle the situation… but those cases are really rare aren’t they?
Normally people are stressed due to very different reasons, perhaps someone broke a promise we made with them, we take stress in that, perhaps students have exams coming up, anxiety takes a toll on them, a loved one passed away, it breaks people, someone publicly insults you, you may take stress in that, you may have had a fight with a friend, thinking about it may frustrate you… so what is the purpose of these ‘general’ types of stress that we face in our everyday lives? Why do they exist? what is their purpose?
You know what! I don’t know! but I have got a pretty fascinating idea about it that seems to fit into the puzzle.

So let’s take a look into that shall we?
If I were to say so In a nutshell, every and almost all types of stress have the same purpose… whether it be psychological, emotional, spiritual or even physical… they all have fundamentally the same purpose. So what is ‘that’ purpose?
It’s very simple actually, the purpose of stress in general is to give you an important message, the moment you figure out and decipher what that message is and act according to that message, your stress vanishes.
Simple as that!
So what kind of message does stress gives? it may be telling you to do something, to change something in your life… perhaps it’s trying to tell you that have to say ‘sorry’ to the person you hurt, perhaps it’s telling you to change your mindset or perspective on something, perhaps it’s telling you to quit a job that you don’t like to do, perhaps it’s telling you to prepare for something, or perhaps it’s just telling to stop doing a certain habit and so forth…

Let me clear this up with a very simple example of physical stress,
imagine a stickman named bobby, bobby likes to stay healthy and energetic, so he exercises a bit everyday, we astrally sneak up in his room in ghost form and there we see him doing his routinely push-ups.
We can hear him clearly as he loudly counts his pushes,

nine thousand nine hundred and ninety seven,
nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight,
nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine,

and then when he reaches 10,000 push-ups his hands start to tire out and they start stressing a bit…
at this moment his body is giving him a message to stop and rest his hands… if he acts according to this message, his hands will heal soon in a few minutes and his stress would vanish.
buuuut if he goes against this message and keeps doing more and more push-ups, his hands are going to break into pain, and because of that excruciating pain he won’t be able to properly use his hands for a few days.

Let’s take another example,
Let’s consider students under exam anxiety, the purpose of anxiety is to prepare an individual for a possibly upcoming event. Students who haven’t mentally prepared themselves for failure, or students who only expect to pass… when they suddenly fail, the shock causes them to plunge into depression… some students lose hope in their capabilities and are damaged for life because of this, some even suicide. Recently I heard a news about a student who was studying to be a doctor, when he failed in his exams he burned himself alive.
Students who think that academic success has nothing to do with one’s financial success, they are prepared to and mentally ready fail… they have no issues failing and that’s why they don’t go through exam anxiety. It’s the same with me, when I figured out that my academic success has very little to do with my financial success, I just didn’t mind failing in my exams anymore… and that’s when I not only completely got rid of my exam anxiety, But I also became the top of the class student.

So over-all exam anxiety is there to help us plan out and mentally prepare ourselves beforehand for failing, so that we don’t go through the intenst state of confusion if we were to actually fail.
So again! anxiety is there to prepare us for future events so that we can have a more proper and calculated life-style.
Similarly, different types of stress have different messages to give… if stress is making you focus on something that happened in the past, it may be trying to tell you that there is something important you have to learn from that event.
If you get stressed while doing something, perhaps stress is telling you that you are not suppose to do that…
If you get stressed whenever you come to a certain place, then stress could be telling you to change something about it, or perhaps it’s telling you to leave that place.

Over-all, every stress is a message, you have to figure it out what it is and abide by it.
I sincerely hope all of this is making sense… because this a very important concept that you have to realize.

That concludes our discussion about ‘why’ stress is there, but how can we go about easily realizing what the message of stress is?
So let’s discuss a bit upon that now shall we? Every psychological tool that has been given in this series and as more shall be given, their only purpose is to temporarily relax you, so that you can easily realize what the message is. If you are mentally relaxed then it would be easier for you to consciously think about what the message is and realize it.

secondly, stress itself gives the hint what the message is… if stress is making you focus and question things about a certain event, that event is your hint. If stress comes whenever you think about a person or place or situation, then that is your hint and you need to concern yourself with that.
So those are the two points that can help you with easily figuring out the message of stress.
Now the question arises that why should you, I or anyone else go through all of this effort to eliminate stress in the first place?
Allow me to answer this question like this…
Same as ‘dakness’ is the absence of ‘light,
same as ‘evil’ can be considered the absence of ‘good’.
Similarly, ‘stress’ can be considered as the absence of ‘relaxation’ we can say.

So When your deeds, mindset or practices deviate from a path of a ‘relaxing life-style’, stress comes in the picture to tell you how you can get back!
I hope this makes sense.
If you wish to have a relaxing life-style devoid of constant stress and misery… you are going to have go through this process of interpreting the message of stress and acting in accord to it.
buuuut If you want to live a constantly stressed and depressing life-style, you can skip all of this, no worries.
On the basis of what we have discussed up until now, I would like to clearify this as well that the more stressful situations you handle and face off, the more capable you will become in handling different types of stressful scenarios, which will allow you to be physically, emotionally and psychologically stronger. And with elimination of ‘stress’ from your general day to day life, you would now be in a constant state of ‘Ataraxia’. Congratulations!
So let’s quickly conclude what we learnt in this video,

We learnt the purpose of stress in general situations with some examples,
we learnt that the purpose of stress is that it is there to help give us important messages that we can decipher and use to go about living a prosperous lifestyle.

We learnt how to more easily figure out the messages,
by first relaxing ourselves,
and then focusing on the hints that stress left us with.

In the end all I would like to remind you is that stress is an internal guidance system installed into us which is there to help us live an awesome and relaxed lifestyle, so make use of it instead of pushing it away.

With this I think I should wrap up this video,
be sure to read the description for more information on the topic. If you have any questions, comments or feedbacks. Be sure to drop a comment here or on my Facebook page and I will be sure to respond as soon as I can.
If you like this video and would like to support this series, then be sure to subscribe to my channel and throw in a ‘thumbs up’
Thank you very very for watching and see you later awesome folks!


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