What the heck is stress anyway! The Ataraxia Series 07

What the heck is Stress anyway?| Ataraxia Series 07 | Understanding the Biological Reality of Stress

Video Description:

In this video we discuss about what I call ‘The Biological Reality Of Stress’.

I’ll try to explain it here as well in a different sort of format so that the message I wish to deliver gets across.

So it’s really simple, when our body is really really relaxed like when we are deep in our sleep, our body’s repair mechanism and growth mechanism boost and we feel really really refreshed after that, and active and motivated and aware and so on…

But when we are stressed, our body goes into the ‘flight or fight state’ (let’s call it FOF for short). So in this FOF, most of the blood in our body, that was working for the growth of our body and the one that was working in our body’s natural repair mechanism, some of it or most of it (depending on the level of stress) gets concentrated in our limbs hands and feet. And the analytical part of our brain shuts down a little and the blood in our head gets concentrated in our part of the brain that deals with reflexes.

So because of all of these changes in FOF, we can blow more damaging punches, we can run faster, and we act quicker (on reflexes). But if we remain in FOF (or stress state) for long, our body’s repair & growth mechanism won’t work and our body would start to slowly deteriorate and worsen. Because of this we go sick and our cells slowly die.

So the biological reality of stress is basically that, when we are stressed we go into FOF state. Simple as that. The more stressed we are, the more deep in FOF state we go.

And the most alarming part of stress/FOF is that it takes away our ability to think critically and analytically. Due to which we lose creativity, we lose our problem solving skills, our memory worsens and hence more problems in our life root from that.

All in all, the purpose of telling you all this to request to you in urgency that I really think it would be better if you concern yourself with gathering the knowledge you can use to better deal with stress and to shift your state to a ‘relaxed state’ in normal situations so you can live a more healthier and creatively relaxing lifestyle. I hope this makes sense.

In future video/videos, we will be discussing more about the purpose of stress. This video is NOT the end of it! 😀
We also have to talk about a ‘message’ that stress brings with it, which we have to decode. (Got lots and lots of interesting stuff to share! stay tuned!)

Also watch this awesome video on Stress by Ted-Ed

~I apologize for my ‘not so well’ English, I am not a native English speaker, that’s why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in the language. But I’m practicing and I’m getting better and better at it.

~If you have any questions or feedback, be sure to mention them in the comment section and let us know about it. If you have any tips on how I can improve with respect to any aspect of my presentation (video, voice-over, visuals, description or anything else) then let me know about it.
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The Ataraxia Series is a series with it’s core purpose to educate individuals on how they can better cope with stress to the point that they can live their 24 hour daily lifestyle in the state of complete mental relaxation.


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