The Sleep Hack Series #01 Introduction How I Only Sleep about 3 hours a day

The Sleep Hack Series #01 Introduction | How I Only Sleep about 3 hours a day!

Video Description:

~So in this video I cover the introductory part of ‘The Sleep Hack’ Series in which I mention a little about how much I sleep, my sleep routine, some of the content we will be discussing in the series and some benefits of learning and applying them.

~In the following part of the description I will share a little about my past with respect to my discovery on the topic…

– I recall myself in my childhood days, when I was about 11 to 13 years old, I used to play A lot of video games, and so much that my body would start to shut down due to lack of sleep so I had to stop playing and go sleep.
Sleep for me has always been like this… “I lay down on my bed, I close my eyes, and then after a few seconds I open them back up and 7 hours had passed”.
So this view made me consider how much of a time wasting activity sleep is. So I always had this ‘internal complaining’ towards the fact that I had to sleep hence I never ‘enjoyed sleeping’ like most people claim they do & since then I developed this desire to completely eliminate sleeping so that I could play more.
Though I couldn’t do much about it at that time, but in the back of my head, deep in my unconscious faculties, this mindset still remained.

Time passed & then I grew to the age of 17. I was studying in 12th grade pre-engineering (December 2013), sitting with my classmates in my class and right before our physics class was about to end our teacher Zain ul Abideen mentioned something he called ‘The Art of Sleep’. He further added that if the institute had the time and opportunity, they will teach us about this topic and how using the knowledge presented, we can lower our sleep ‘quantity’ by a lot!
(Though that opportunity never arrived, they did have some powerpoint notes with them, I later took them with me.)

As I heard about ‘The Art Of Sleep’ I recalled my childhood wish & I got really REALLY excited!… I went straight home constantly thinking about what my teacher told me & as soon as I reached home I googled ‘The Art Of Sleep’.
Unfortunately, I got nothing… that term didn’t seem to have been used anywhere. So for about a week I googled the same phrase over and over again thinking I would come across something that could help… and then I came across a pdf which had the term ‘Sleep Hack’ in it. That pdf had a very basic information on the topic and it directed me to a site called (it’s down now I think) and from there I got a lot of amazing information on the topic.

Now coincidentally (or is it!?) around the same time I discovered all this, I noticed that some days I would sleep for only 6 hours a night and felt really refreshed after waking up, and some days I would skip my alarm and sleep very deeply for 9 hours and would wake up feeling awful and miserable.

So that got me thinking that perhaps there is something I’m doing some days and not the other days that may be causing such a huge fluctuation. And if I could find that out, I would then only have to sleep about 6 hours each night instead of 8 to 9 hours.
And so there was something really interesting I read at & then I tested it out of whether it’s true or not & I had no idea of the results but! the results were were enormously shocking! There was something I was doing that was literally ‘murdering my sleep’ and causing it to go from 6 hours to 9 hours! per night.
And this is something that the majority of people on this Earth do everyday without being conscious of the consequences of it.

For some reasons I won’t be mentioning what that ‘something’ is in this description because if I don’t give the whole picture of it in-detail, people will mis-understand and ignore it and react defensively to it. So it will be properly further discussed in detail in a later video in this series.

So when I specifically tested ‘that’ out I realized how simple it was to lower my sleep quantity and better my over-all sleep, this motivated me to further look into the topic and as I went on, I discovered more and more things And even today I can rightfully say that I’m still a student of this topic, and I find that there is much more I have to learn about.

And if I compare myself to how I was before ‘learning about all this’ and today after learning and practicing it, I would never wish to go back, that life was a living torture. So that’s how much I have gotten better in terms of my over-all health after learning about Sleep Hacking. So I hope you would benefit from this information as well and take the time to learn it, to think about it and test it out and then spread the good word.

~If you have any questions, comments or feedback, be sure to mention them in the comment section and let me know about it.


~View ‘The Ataraxia Series’ Playlist here.


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