Know How to be Positive Using The Glad Game

The Glad Game | Ataraxia Series 05 | Know How to be Positive using The Glad Game

Video Description:

Our topic today is ‘The Glad Game’. It’s something I learnt in Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis Seminar DVD.
(I really recommend you check that DVD out).

~The following is an excerpt from an old article I wrote…
“Glad Game is an intellectual & a creative type of game, in the glad game what you do is basically that you think of a hypothetical or real ‘negative scenario’ or ‘bad event’ (or talk to a friend about it) and only point out and say all the possible positive benefits
you get from it happening,

a)You got braces for your birthday gift! (and you don’t need them)
positive Thought:- “I’m glad that i don’t need them” 🙂
(that’s something to be happy about isn’t it? that you don’t need them braces. Rejoice!)
b)Your family gets locked into a dungeon and won’t be let out until the next 5 days
Positive Thought:- party at the house!, having breakfast and lunch and dinner outside every day, no chores to do (since everyone dumps there work on me, so no chores since those lazy people are locked up 😀 )

c) Everyone dumps their work on you and you have to keep going to the market a lot.
Positive thought:- You get to bond with the people of the market, which will benefit you massively, and they can help you when you need them in the future and perhaps if they need any help with something you are good at, you can help them too.
et cetera.

So focus on the positive by playing the glad game. So all you have to do is only mention the ‘positives’ of the ‘hypothetical event’, this will hard wire your brain to only think of the positive. Another way you can use the Glad game is that, before you do something, let’s say, you are going to a friend’s house. Picture in your head, that some bad event took place along the way or when you reach his/her house he/she isn’t there. So think of something positive about the whole event then (and note that all of this is in your head.)”

The complete article can be found here,…

All in all, the Glad game is an awesome activity that you could use to rewire your brain, to always think optimistically about basically everything.

~Background music Used:-
1. Cry (By Vibe Tracks), used as logo intro.
2. Natural sounds as the background music throughout the video.

~I apologize for my ‘not so well’ English, I am not a native English speaker, that’s why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in the language. But I’m practicing and I’m getting better and better at it.

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~This presentation was made on MS PowerPoint 2016, and it was made into a video format using a Movavi Screen Capture with my own voice-over.


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The Ataraxia Series is a series with it’s core purpose to educate individuals on how they can better cope with stress to the point that they can live their 24 hour daily lifestyle in the state of complete mental relaxation.


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