Know How to Rewrite a Memory of a Stressful Event Using Revision

Revision | Ataraxia Series 04 | Know How to Rewrite a Memory of a Stressful Event using ‘Revision’

Video Description:

In this video we will be discussing about a ‘mental technique’ called Revision.
By using this technique we can literally rewrite a sad, upsetting, depressing, stressful or unpleasant event from our memory such that it wouldn’t bother us anymore. And because it won’t bother us, we could either easily stop paying attention to it, or if it’s something that needs critical analysis, then we will be more relaxed and conscious to do so.

Most of the information present in the video will not be discussed here (in the description) and the table of content is mentioned in the initial seconds of the video. So the description has some different part of the information that may be of help apart from that presented in the video…

To revise an event, all you have to do is relive the event in your head as if it’s happening again, and while reliving it. Remove everything you find stressful in it and replace it with something funny or hilarious.

When you learn about this technique, you may think it’s insignificant. I did too. But when I practically applied it at a moment when I was going to go crazy with the stress of continuously recalling a stressful thing that happened just moments ago , when I applied it visualizing in complete detail as if the event is happening again and I revised it according to the technique, then I couldn’t help but smile and laugh as I recalled it. (Ah that was fun.)

If the first time you revise an event and your brain is still pays attention to the original stressful one, then keep revising again and again. And if possible, revise it better by adding more creative and humorous elements and then I assure you, the original event will be long gone from your focus.

The following ‘depiction'(?) can give you perhaps a better understanding of where Revision has a great potential

Let’s say a 9nth grade student name ‘Joshalinda’ was insulted in and Joshalinda felt really really bad about it and took it to heart. Now Joshalinda is a representation of an average depressed person coming across a stressful event, so how such a person react to the event? They would be continuously thinking about it, they would be continuously repeating the video of them being insulted in their head again and again. And since our brain (in a sense) does not know the difference between reality and imagination, for that person visualizing the stressful event, the event is happening again and again, thus causing more and more stress for that person.
So Joshalinda goes through the same, when Joshalinda arrives home, Joshalinda does what most people would do. What would most people do? they would tell their siblings, their parents, or people close to them about what happened. This would cause them more stress. I have seen a person telling her sibling, her parent, her sister-in law, her friends (individually) the same stressful event that happened to her in her university. And it should have just ended as soon as the class ended but she took the stress with her for atleast 4 days! and told it to more than atleast 4 people. And each time she narrated the event, she felt annoyed and stressed.
If the person (I mentioned) had better control over her thoughts (or had revised the event), she could have ended the stress of the event immediately after it happened. But because she didn’t it was repeatedly recalled for 4 days!.
So Joshalinda does the same, Joshalinda could have stopped being stressed about it if right after the event if Joshalinda had better control over them thoughts (and if Joshalinda knew about Revision)

~Background Music Used:-
I used some natural sounds of nature such as of waterfall, running water and birds chirping and such.
It’s healthy for the brain actually, it would better your concentration and memory and hence it would hopefully make it easier for you to focus on the video and perhaps make it easier for you to recall the information given. (I think that’s awesome, so I will be using this mostly.)

~I apologize for my ‘not so well’ english, I am not a native english speaker, that’s why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in english. But I’m practicing and hopefully I will get better at it soon.

~If you have any questions or feedback, be sure to mention them in the comment section and let us know about it. If you have any tips on how we can improve with respect to any aspect of our presentation (video, voice-over, visuals, description or anything else) then let us know about it. (I’m new to youtube publishing so I would personally highly appreciate it)


You can view all the entries of the ‘Ataraxia Series’ in the following playlist.…


Extra Commentary (Important):

So a really awesome individual commented regarding my video saying..
the comment: ~”also if you can add here or in the text the end of Joshalinda story like what she had to do to forget it will be help a lot as a real-time live experince which is really important to fully understand it so you can take it into our daily actions as well! thanks a lot again! mpgh1.”

So I replied by mentioning why I couldn’t do that and instead of continuing with ‘Joshalinda’ here, I narrated my own first personal example with this technique, so I hope you find this helpful enough…

My Reply: ~ “I completely agree! I actually wanted to share a personal example in the video on the topic but for the viewers to best understand that example I thought it would be necessary for people to know the context of it, so when I wrote the script of it, it was quite long and if I had made mention of it in the video, the video would have become much longer and some other issues may have arrived, so I thought It would be better if I just mention it in the description instead…

But while typing down the description, unfortunately, there is a limit to how many characters you can write in the description so I couldn’t cover it in the description.
But I think i’ll try again squeezing it in the description so that perhaps people willing to learn will be able to benefit from it (So thank you for making me realize that).

For now I’ll just explain the example to you here and work on somehow accommodating it in the description of the video…
Alright so here it goes!

Example Start~[Context-> Part-1]
So two years ago, in around January-February of 2014, when I was at the age of 17, I had recently discovered the topic of ‘Sleep Hacking’ which deals with the study of how to increase our sleep Quality & how we can decrease our sleep Quantity, so as I learned more and more about this topic I became very interested about it so I started applying it on my self and started experimenting on my self.
(My second series on the channel is about this, called ‘The Sleep Hack Series’, I have already made it’s intro, you can check that out for further details)

In the process of this ‘self-experimentation’ (which lasted for 3 months) I started sleeping for about 4-5 hours a day instead of 8-9 hours… and I became very sick, my grades fell down, I appeared sleep deprived…I was acting very lazy and was doing my best to avoid any sort of work, chores and errands and I was looking very unhealthy so of course my Mother was very worried about me… I had firm belief in what I was doing and was very confident about the results but I had no support of my family in this, upon the fact that all of this ‘self-experimentation’ was taking a toll on me and kept me extremely sick and lazy for a while, I was continuously being scolded & yelled at about daily by my mother and other family members regarding what I was working on…

This became a psychological torture for me actually… and I started becoming very disturbed by it…
A lot of changes came into my character & habits in that period, for example I started watching a lot of online videos on recorded seminars and lectures and doing e-courses as a hobby… and one of the habits that came were that instead of sleeping for an hour or two in the afternoon I started taking a powernap of 20 minutes…
(this is the end of the context)

[Original Event -> Part-2] (So the following is the first original event that I revised, first i’ll mention the original event, and then the revised event, I hope all of this is making sense)

So one day, I slept in a very uncomfortable place, (this is one of the sleep hacks, sleeping in an uncomfortable place like the floor can allow you to wake up easily, whereas, sleeping in a very soft place will actually pro-long your sleep)

So I woke up in 20 minutes and I marched towards the guest room (which I usually do all my studies in because it’s quite there) & my mother immediately spotted me doing this and asked me angrily what I was going to be doing now… I just said “I have work to do”, she got really angry, she commanded me to go back to sleep, or just lay down for an hour or two more… I clearly told my beloved and precious mother I wouldn’t do that and that I have work to do, she kept sense-lessly yelling and yelling really loudly and I felt really disturbed by that, so I continued to the guest room and I entered the room and closed the door and started walking around (it’s a fairly large room, I walk and think about stuff here often), my mother followed me and immediately slammed the door open and started yelling more and more and repeatedly commanding me to go lay down while threatening me that she would break all my belongings (specifically the PC I research on and my PSP), I did my best to be as silent as possible but she yelled for quite a while and then she left…

(For me personally, this was a very ‘torturing’ event. After it had passed I felt really disturbed and angry… there were already a lot of disturbances from the experiments, but this multiplied it by a lot… so as my head kept repeating this event again and again by visualizing it… and as I became more and more disturbed as I heard my mother’s yelling again and again in my head… I then suddenly recalled about ‘Revision’ that I recently learned about from a random pdf I came across, so I started playing with this technique…)
[‘Revised Event’-> Part-3]
[So now this is a ‘revised version’ of the Original Event I just shared above… all of the following is what I visualized in my head 😛 , I hope you find this entertaining as i did ( ^◡^)っ ]

So I visualized that when we (me and my mother) were in the guest room and she started yelling at me, suddenly I took out a really big television remote from my pocket, I pointed it at my mother as she was yelling and I pressed the ‘mute’ button… I couldn’t here her anymore O_O …
She kept yelling but I couldn’t hear her anymore, I pressed ‘forward’ with the remote to change the channel then the ‘Disney’ channel logo came in the corner of my vision and instead of my mother… ‘Donald Duck’ was there yelling at me… I disabled the ‘mute’ option and then I was hearing the yelling from Donald Duck’s mouth in a very funny voice ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

I pressed the ‘forward’ button with the remote again and changed the channel, now Cartoon Network was on and then instead of Donald Duck … ‘Johnny Bravo’ was there yelling at me in a very funny voice 😀 , then suddenly a woman came across my vision and was about to pass johnny so he immediately took his attention off of me and started showing his biceps to the lady trying to impress her ᕦ(˚▽˚)ᕤ
I changed the channel again and now nickelodeon was on and instead of Johnny Bravo, ‘Gary the Snail’ was there (from Spongebob) and he was looking at me angrily with his tiny pillow sized body, yelling at me going “MEOW!…MEOW!…MEOW!”… (Φ ౪ Φ)
And then I changed the channel to CNN news and then instead of Gary the snail… ‘Donald Trump’ was there yelling at me furiously (≖_≖ )

Now as the yelling was about to come at an end I switched back to the channel of ‘reality’ and my mother left the room and I was left with a big Smile on my Face ≧’◡’≦

{ So as I visualized all this suddenly, it was very surprising to me, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing (~˘▾˘)~ , my attention didn’t ever go to what had actually happened and whenever I recalled the event the revised event came up and I started smiling again and again! then I became more calm, relaxed & confident in not only what I was doing but I became more soft with my mother now that I didn’t have a negative past associated with her…and because of all that, I succeeded in my experimentations and I’m very happy I did all that. }

So I hope this personal experience of mine serves as a good example and motivation for you to continue with this, apply it and share this awesome info! Thank you and Good luck!
(I think i’m going to either screenshot this & link it in the description or mention it in the comment) All in all, thank you very much mpgh1, you were massively helpful for making me realize about this.”

(The above ‘reply’ was slightly edited for grammatical errors and spacing).


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