know how to be positive using positive vocabulary

Positive Vocabulary | Ataraxia Series 06 | Know How to Be Positive Using Positive Vocabulary

Video Description:

The Following is an excerpt from an article I wrote sometime ago, this will serve as an appropriate description for this video…

ii) Use more Positive Statements & Vocabulary:-
Positive words are associated with positive feelings, and similarly, negative words are associated with negative feelings, so use positive words like ‘remember’ instead of ‘forgot’ , like ‘amazing’ instead of just ‘fine’, the more positive your word is the more positive (& healthier) you will feel. So when you are alone and you have time to think and ponder, be sure to construct your ‘optimistic statements’ by thinking of what you could use while conversing with other people.

Some Examples:- … 
-ve means negative
+ve means positive
++ve Very Positive!

1)-ve version: “I forgot it”
+ve version : “I can’t remember it”
++ version “I can’t remember it right now, it’ll come to my mind shortly and when it does I’ll let you know alright?”
2) -ve : I got the 3rd lowest marks in the class
+ve : I got the 18th highest marks in the class!
3) -ve: we should end terrorism
+ve : we should spread peace
4) -ve : that’s really bad
+ve : thats not good…
++ve: that’s awesome!

Use positive Vocabulary and positive feelings will engulf you and the people you talk to. If you mostly use ‘positive vocabulary’ instead of ‘negative vocabulary’, it you will also increase you in your attractiveness, people will really like talking to you if you talk in an optimistic manner.


The complete article can be found here,…

~Background Musics Used:-
1) Dream Culture (intro music)
Dream Culture by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

2) And some natural sounds as Background Music.

~I apologize for my ‘not so well’ English, I am not a native English speaker, that’s why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in the language. But I’m practicing and I’m getting better and better at it.

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The Ataraxia Series is a series with it’s core purpose to educate individuals on how they can better cope with stress to the point that they can live their 24 hour daily lifestyle in the state of complete mental relaxation.


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