Natural Stress Relief by stimulating pressure points

Natural Stress Relief | Ataraxia Series #02 | Stimulating Pressure Points For Natural Stress Relief

~In this video, we will be discussing about a natural stress relief technique. The technique works on the concept of stimulating the pressure points by gently massaging or rubbing them, which causes them to release tension and positive chemicals in the body allowing it, i.e our body, and our mind, to relax.

The ‘technique’ or activity is called ‘Wudu’ (meaning ‘purity’ & ‘cleanliness’). It is extracted from the Islamic tradition in which Muslims would perform wudu before performing their prayers…

I will List the the steps of Wudu here as well and they are also mentioned in the video.

~Steps of Wudu:
1.Wash both hands up to the wrists.
2.Take some water in your mouth and rise it (x3 times)
3.Splash some water in your nose and blow it out (x3 times)
4.Wash your face thoroughly (x3 times) (clean your beard too if you have one)
5.Wash both arms thoroughly till your elbow. (x3 times)
6.Wet your hands, pass them over your head, and to the back of your head, and then clean the back of your neck
7.Clean the outer part and the back part of your ear.
8.Wash your feet to the ankles. (x3 times)
(Note: Start From the right part of your body & end with the left part i.e if you were to wash your hands, make sure to wash your right first, then the left.)

~Wiki-how Link: (How to do wudu in detail)

~Some Words on the purpose of wudu:…

~One thing that is really important and I couldn’t mention in the video is that while doing the wudu, make sure you don’t use excessive water. Open the tap in ‘low pressure’, I recommend.

~Background musics Used:-
1. Pachabelly
2. Hills behind

~I apologize for my english, i’m not a native english speaker, thats why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in english. But i’m practicing now and hopefully I will get better at it soon.

~If you have any questions, be sure to mention them in the comment section. If you liked what is presented in this video and would like that I further this series and many like these, then you can support me by subscribing to my channel.

Thank you.




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