Know How to Deal With Anxiety By using Mental Simulations Ataraxia 08

Eliminate Anxiety Using ‘Mental Simulations’ | Ataraxia Series 08 | Know How

Video Description:

~In this video we discuss what anxiety is and how we can deal with it and one of the most common ways to deal with anxiety (that I’m aware of) is to do ‘mental simulations’, so I discuss that in the above video as well.

Anxiety is sort of a stress that comes from thinking about a future event or having negative thoughts about an event that’s going to happen in the future. It could be one minute later, one month later, or one year later, or 10 years later.
If thinking about it stresses you out, then using ‘mental simulation’ you can remove the stressful component of that thought pattern… 

Now mental simulation is just living the event (that is causing you anxiety) in your head or you visualize as if it’s really happening and then in this visualization, you live it in a way that it feels as real as possible and you live it in a way that would give you positive feelings if you pay attention to it. An example is properly given in the video.

So what you see in your head in a sense feels real, so if you are worried about (let’s say) your interview, I want you to imagine that if you had already given 20 interviews in the last month and all went really well and every single time you got the job and every single time the interviewer was highly impressed with you, then won’t that make you really confident in your skills and capabilities? With this ‘confidence’ & ‘belief’ in your abilities, you can easily score really well in your future interviews.

Well similarly, if you take the time to shut your eyes from this real world and go to the world that your mind’s eye can see, the one with which you can visualize in your head. If you see in your mind’s eye that you are sitting in front of an interviewer and he is praising your skills after the interview, it would feel real. When you do it (let’s say) 20 times in your head in complete detail, you would suddenly start feeling really confident in your skills, you know why? Because your mind actually thinks that what-ever you visualize, is real. So for your mind, those 20 ‘imaginary scenarios’ you visualized, all of them actually happened, so that caused you to develop a sense of confidence.

~The Purpose of this series is to learn how to deal with stress and depression and how to stay completely relaxed 24/7, so to do that it is highly necessary that we have it in out toolkit on how we can properly deal with anxiety, so be sure to learn and practice what is presented here. With each practice you will get better and better at it, so initially it may be hard, but it will get easier and easier.

~I apologize for my ‘not so well’ English, I am not a native English speaker, that’s why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in the language. But I’m practicing and I’m getting better and better at it.

~If you have any questions or feedback, be sure to mention them in the comment section and let me know about it. If you have any tips on how I can improve with respect to any aspect of my presentation (video, voice-over, visuals, description or anything else) then let me know about it.
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Thank you!


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The Ataraxia Series is a series with it’s core purpose to educate individuals on how they can better cope with stress to the point that they can live their 24 hour daily lifestyle in the state of complete mental relaxation.

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Extra Commentary (Important):

So in a place I was marketing this video, I got a comment by a really awesome person… So I’m going to share it here in this comment so if people have a similar concern, they can be well informed about my view on it…

His Comment: ~
“As someone who suffers from anxiety pretty frequently I like this video! My only problem with it is that many times my anxiety is due to events that I don’t want to happen, let’s say for example getting in a car crash or finding our your wife is cheating on you. Because they can essentially happen at any time and aren’t a single event it makes it hard to use this method to get rid of them.”

My Reply: ~
“Thank you very much for the feedback mate! Firstly, i’m the one who made the video and let me take a look at the issue you are having…

Actually my next video in this series of videos is on that issue you are having (so i’m really glad you brought this up). The video would be called something like ‘Deciphering Stress’.
You see buddy, any sort of ‘stress’ especially psychological or biological is basically some sort of a ‘message’ that the body is giving to the mind.
When you ‘realize’ that message and ‘decipher’ what it means and you act according to it… the stress vanishes! Anxiety is also included in this, as mentioned in the video, anxiety is like ‘stress from the future’ 😀

Now generally speaking, we get ‘anxiety’ when there is a possible future event that could happen and we aren’t prepared for it. So anxiety is letting us know by stressing us that “You need to think about this event and give instruction to your brain how to operate when this happens.”

For-example: Students are anxious about their exams and if they are going to pass or not. Now when people only think about “If I pass I’m going to go to college, i’m going to this and that dash dash dash __ _ _ ”
If they only think about that, and if they don’t think about “What if I fail? What am I going to do then?” <<< if you ask highschool students or college students who study all day long that “what if you fail? What are you going to do then?” most won’t give a proper answer because they feel anxiety thinking about it. Now if these students ‘fail’ without expecting it or planning about it… what happens is that some ‘lose hope’, some ‘break down’, some ‘lose confidence in their learning abilities’, some ‘go into depression’, and some even ‘suicide’ and so on…

Now this happens because they weren’t prepared for it… they didn’t instruct their brain “How to operate” when such an event happens… so when ‘that’ happened, they got sooo confused, the brain didn’t had any instruction to operate on so extreme stress comes at that moment due to confusion.

To AVOID THIS ‘CONFUSION’ anxiety is helping you, telling you to think about “What if your woman cheats on you, how would you react?”, “if someone you love dies tomorrow, what are you going to do?”
Does this makes sense?

Anxiety is stressing you, begging you to think about it beforehand, to prepare for it so that you can live a more confident lifestyle. This technique that I have presented above is only used to ‘relax’ you, in the state of relaxation, you can think more clearly. So that’s the purpose of this technique and every single one I have presented in this series before this video.
Now what I’m going to say might sound extreme, but try taking it in mate, i’m assuming i’m talk a strong ‘man’! I used to be anxious about my exams but when I realized that academic education has nothing with me being happy or me being financially successful, I stopped caring about my marks or exams, and that is when I started being the top of the class student. It is because I think about these things that if tomorrow my whole family passes away in a plane crash, I’ll still be calm. Why? because i’m prepared for it. If someone tries to rob me, steal me, hurt me, i’m going to be relaxed, why? because i’m prepared for it. I have visualized all of these scenarios in my mind so much that for me, all of them have happened many many times, and every time I have beautifully dealt with them calmly, so I am always relaxed in mostly every situation, and this is why thinking about even my family’s passing away doesn’t stress me. I can calmly think about it.

Does that makes sense? You have the right to form your opinion about me based on what I presented to you, as mostly don’t like this kind of ‘cold’ thinking of mine. But I hope that from all this you extract how powerful this knowledge can be.
Now anxiety is going to keep stressing you until your mind knows you are prepared for that ‘event’. When you prepare for it in a way, that would be in every way, beneficial to you, and hopefully beneficial for the other person as well, your anxiety will vanish and you would now be more psychologically strong and confident in life. I hope this makes sense 😀 ”

His Reply~
“Thanks man! That is a good explanation of how this method can be applied to my example situations. It is hard to envision reacting calmly to something like that but I’m sure with practice it could be easier. I’ll definitely try this and look forward to your next video! Thanks again”


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