Know How to deal with stress and depression using natural and psychological techniques

Ataraxia Series #01 (Intro) | How To Deal With Stress And Depression | Natural Ways To Deal With Stress

~How to deal with stress? Or How to deal with depression?
Lets be honest, people around us have always told us the ‘what’, but never the ‘how’. When we approach someone with these questions, the general answers that we get are something like “distract yourself”, or “be around good and positive people”, “get enough sleep”, “eat proper and healthy food”, “Do the things you love”, “stop thinking negative”, “stop worrying”, “be positive”, “share your problem with others” or “talk to someone about your feelings” (this one can be deadly), “eat when you are depressed”( O_O this could be the formula for making your life utterly miserable), “stop taking drugs”, “do meditation or yoga” ( I admit, this one is alright, but still devoid of the ‘how’) and many many more.
Another ‘deadly’ statement I would like to share with you that you can get in your list of replies is “go to a professional”.
Now there is a significant reason why I mention this ‘specific reply’ separately from the others, you see, I have personally talked to many many people over the internet and have personally met one person who has gone to a so called ‘professional’ and rather then them being ‘better’, they got worst. But the difference after going to the so called ‘professional’ is that they think their depression or stress or any sort of mental issue or disorder is completely hopeless to be resolved and that there is no solution to it.
And their reasoning is understandable, “If the professional can’t solve it, that means it can’t be solved.” is what they think.
And by saying all of this i’m not advocating that you don’t go to a professional. What I am trying to explain is that these days, psychologists, therapists and doctors (some of them) have made a bussiness out of what they are doing, hence they treat the people as ‘clients’ or ‘customers’, i.e, as something to extract money from. Not as human beings who want to better themselves.
So if you were to go to someone like them, you would be in more worst condition then you were before. But ofcourse! there are awesome and amazing doctors, therapists and psychologists who can really really help you and change your life. But unless you are 1000% sure that the psychologist/therapist you’re seeing is one of those ‘amazing’ folks like Richard Bandler, or Igor Ledochowski… then be very cautious.
Some of these so called ‘professionals’ really do want to help others, but because they only studied the ‘textbooks’ and because they never looked out of their field to better understand their own major, that’s why they properly don’t know how to help. Like a physician, if a physician were to know more about psychology, nutrition, physiology and subjects that are connected to his/her major, then he/she will be able to better deal with their patients.

So in conclusion, we are normally told ‘what to do’ but never the ‘how’. So in this ‘Series’ that is introduced in the above video, I will be working to providing you the information on the ‘how’. How to deal with stress, how to deal with depression, how to stay relaxed all day long, how to deal with anxiety and so forth.

I wish to give you the practical knowledge using which you can help yourself, this will allow you to not only be independent of ‘doctors’ and such when you face a problem in this field, but it will also better you in professionally helping other people if they face such a problem regarding chronic stress, depression, anxiety and et cetera. So this kind of knowledge will give you more control in your life and you can use it to motivate other people to take control of their life as well.

~Backgroud Musics used:
1.”Court And Page”
2.”Eternal Hope”
Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

~The presentation was made on MS powerpoint 2016, and it was made into a video format using a Movavi Screen Capture with my own voice-over.
I apologize for my English, i’m not a native eEnglish speaker, that’s why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in english. But i’m practicing now and hopefully I will get better at it soon.
If you have any questions, be sure to mention them in the comment section. If you liked what is presented in this video and would like that we further this series any many like these, then you can support this cause by subscribing to my channel.
Thank you.


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