Shift your breathing pattern to Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing | Ataraxia Series 03 | Shifting Your Breathing Pattern To Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing | Ataraxia Series 03 | Shifting Your Breathing Pattern To Abdominal Breathing

~In this video, we will be discussing about ‘Abdominal Breathing’, some of it’s awesome benefits, & how to go about doing it…

I personally really like techniques that you could go about your day doing a little bit after a short interval of time, because it makes me feel that it’s not taking away my time, and it’s affect in a sense remains for the whole day.

Sometimes, when we get a massive amount of stress like when someone in front of us is displays ‘brain cell killing’ level stupidity, or when we suddenly start feeling calm from a lot of burden like coming home tired after all day of work and than suddenly dropping down on the bed. In these cases (and more) our body let’s out a big exhale! or we take a really deep breath which suddenly calms us down. This is called ‘to sigh’ or ‘sighing’.

So ‘sighing’ is a natural response we have to stress which relaxes our body. But if we could for-example use our learning of the concept of ‘sighing’ and shift our breathing pattern to ‘a more productively benefitial & relaxing’ way of breathing, than won’t that be awesome!?

Such ‘type of breathing pattern’ is what we are calling ‘Abdominal Breathing’. Using this concept and applying it in our lives, we can yield amazing magnitude of benefits from and it is explained briefly and powerfully in the video.

Abdominal breathing has the potential to resolve a massive number of medical issues that an average person goes through. So don’t consider this to be ‘insignificant’. And one of the reason it can yield massive amount of benefit is that, once you shift your breathing pattern to abdominal breathing, you start doing abdominal breathing all day long. So the benefits would be in a ‘continuous ongoing stream’ rather than for a specific time period of the day.

By the way, Abdominal breathing can also be referred to as ‘Belly Breathing’ or ‘Stomach breathing’. ‘Abdominal Breathing’ is like a more ‘biologically scientific’ way of sounding it out.

~Wiki-how Link: (“3 ways to breathe”, a very informative page.)

~Background music Used:-
1. Cry (By Vibe Tracks)

~I apologize for my ‘not so well’ english, i’m not a native english speaker, that’s why i’m not ‘conversationally fluent’ in english. But i’m practicing and hopefully I will get better at it soon.

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Thank you.

~This presentation was made on MS PowerPoint 2016, and it was made into a video format using a Movavi Screen Capture with my own voice-over.

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